Congratulations to the 2021 IEEE CAMA Awards Winners!


2021 IEEE Industrial Engineering Paper Award on Antenna Measurements and Applications

Exceptionally this year, due to quality of two finalists, the Award Committee, has decided that 2 papers will be equally winners, and will deliver two award certificates, dividing the prize equally between these two winners:
– Paper 169 (MoBT1.4) “An UAV-Based Polarimetric Antenna Measurements for Radar and Communication Systems from 3 GHz to 32 GHz”
Author: Jorge L. Salazar-Cerreno*

– Paper 196 (TuBT1.5) “Reconstruction of Near-Field Millimeter-Wave Power Density from Over-The-Air Measurements”
Authors: Benoit Derat*, Mehmed Erkocevic, Gerhard Hamberger


2021 IEEE AP-S Ulrich L. Rohde Best Innovative Paper Awards (Two Awards)

– Paper 39 (WeBT2.1) “An Antenna Array Diagnostic Technique Based on a Lebesgue-Space Inversion Procedure”
Authors: Valentina Schenone, Alessandro Fedeli, Matteo Pastorino, Andrea Randazzo*

– Paper 161 (MoCT3.5) “Anechoic Chamber Reflectivity Analyses below its minimal frequency using the Matrix Pencil Method”
Authors: Frédéric Munoz*, Serge Bories, Mathieu Caillet, Jean-François Pintos, Gwenn Le Fur, Anthony Bellion.


2021 IEEE AP-S Tapan Sarkar Best Student Award

– Paper 119 (WeAT3.1) “Multi-shot Calibration Technique for Microwave Imaging Systems”
Authors: David O. Rodriguez-Duarte*, Jorge Alberto Tobon Vazquez, Francesca Vipiana